Editorials. Duckie Thot. Yaya Deng. Akual-chels Ring. Deel Ojulu. Laud Magazine. Images by Thom Ke

Editorials. Duckie Thot. Yaya Deng. Akual-chels Ring. Deel Ojulu. Laud Magazine. Images by Thom Ke
"ELLE" Editorials. Duckie Thot. Yaya Deng. Akual-chels Ring. Deel Ojulu. Laud Magazine. by Thom Kerr

Friday, August 10, 2012


As promised, here is a basic charts for different eye shades, invest in a color wheel and have fun...

The rule of thumb is to wear the opposite color eye shadow of your eyes on the color wheel so that your eyes really stand out...

if you struggle with trying to make your eyes pop and reach their full potential, keep on reading!

- Don’t line the waterline of the eye unless it’s for a theatrical, editorial or party look, otherwise do it with a white or beige color so it looks natural. White/fleshy toned eyeliner is an exception as it can open up the eye.

- Avoid lining the bottom lash line. This can also look really harsh on some people, if you do want to line the bottom lash line though use a  brown eyeliner and only take it 3 quarters of the way in from the outer corner of the eye and smudge it a little bit,this still gives impact and makes them look more defined but it doesn’t look as harsh.

- Highlight the brown bone. Using a white highlighter on the brow will open up the eye area tremendously, ensure that you don’t use one with a slight pink undertone or it will look like you’ve just tweezed the area.

- Highlight the inner corner of the eye. Highlighting the inner corner of the eye with a white eyeshadow (shimmery or not) really helps to open up the eyes and make them pop, simply place a small amount right by the tear duct.

- Highlight the outer corner. Using a white highlighter just under your bottom lash line and taking it three quarters of the way in towards the inner corner of the eye,helps to make you look like you’ve had a good nights sleep!

- Use light toned eyeshadows. Using a light toned but pigmented eyeshadow always helps to make the eyes look larger while darker colours will make them look smaller. Opt for whites, creams, light beige’s, off whites, egg shell, and dusty rose tones for the best impact.

- Use Mascara. Mascara is probably one of the biggest eye openers out there, Whether you choose something clear, black or brown it will always open up the eyes. Ensure you wiggle the wand at the base of the root all the way to the tips of the lashes, for even more impact do your lower lashes to, but only apply one coat. Also make sure you curl the lashes before any application of eye lash products!


Blue eyes should try: Gold, bronze, ash, taupe, grey, heather, slate, apricot, peach, and lilac tones.

Light Brown eyes should try: Rich dark brown, mocha, khaki, stone and bark tones.

Dark Brown eyes should try: Electric blue, Milky chocolate and dark chocolate tones, indigo, teal and white tones.

Green eyes should try: Purple,plum,beige,camel,slate, lilac and taupe tones. Green can be used but be cautious when using or switch it up with some green eyeliner instead. 

Hazel eyes should try: Brown, burgundy, purple and pink tones.

Grey eyes should try:  You can experiment the most as you almost have a blank canvas, but for added impact try bronze and grey tones. To avoid looking washed out avoid shades like white, and try darker tones.

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