Editorials. Duckie Thot. Yaya Deng. Akual-chels Ring. Deel Ojulu. Laud Magazine. Images by Thom Ke

Editorials. Duckie Thot. Yaya Deng. Akual-chels Ring. Deel Ojulu. Laud Magazine. Images by Thom Ke
"ELLE" Editorials. Duckie Thot. Yaya Deng. Akual-chels Ring. Deel Ojulu. Laud Magazine. by Thom Kerr

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Blush has been said to be the one makeup product that women tend to avoid the most especially women of color. Ive seen great makeup looks that would have looked even greater if only blush was used to pull everything together. Ladies, no matter how you slice it, blush is a must!
So how do you figure out which blush to use? Simple, read on.
Similar to finding the right foundation, in addition to picking the right color for blush, you must also choose the right formula. Here is a quick guide:
Dry Skin: Creme blushes tend to be more hydrating and flattering.
Oily/Combination Skin: Powder blushes work best as any other consistency can tend to slide off on oily skin.
Normal Skin: almost any blush formula works including liquid and gel formulas.
As far as finishes are concerned, shimmer is good for a youthful glow however, matte is more forgiving on all skin types. Take care when using shimmer as it can make not-so-tiny pores seem larger than they appear.
After choosing the right formula, find the right color. Your most flattering shade of blush will be the color your cheeks turn after working out or you can pinch your cheeks and see what color they turn. I have created a handy guide for colors based on skin tones.
(As a quick tip, the darker your skin, the brighter the blush–now, don’t be nervous, the pigments in your skin can take a brighter blush and it will look absolutely gorgeous on your skin.)
Pick a celeb below whose skin tone closely matches yours and try the shades i have suggested.

Celebrity Blush

Celebrity Blush

1. MAC Blush in Well Dressed  at MAC 2. NARS Blush in Orgasm  at narscosmetics.com 3. NARS Blush in Outlaw  at narscosmetics.com 4. NARS Blush in Lovejoy $25 at narscosmetics.com 5. NARS Blush in Taos at narscosmetics.com 6. MAC Blush in Raizinat MAC 7. NARS Blush in Taj Mahal at narscosmetics.com 8. NARS Blush in Exhibit A at narscosmetics.com
You can apply blush either before you put on foundation (for a natural look), or after foundation but before powder or even after foundation and powder it is up to you and your routine. To get the longest lasting blush, apply finishing powder on cheeks first, then blush, and then another thin layer of powder. For maximum color payoff (and to help blush last longer), first apply a creme blush and then a powder blush in the same color on top.
Using an angled brush like MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush, smile and lightly sweep the blush on the apples of your cheeks and the top of your cheekbones. If you are using a creme blush, apply with your middle finger and lightly tap your cheekbones and tops of your cheekbones then blend with your ring finger. Then follow with a light dusting of finishing powder.
Make Up For Ever, another powerhouse makeup brand I love, has some awesome diagrams on where to apply blush according to your face shape. Check it out:

Celebrity Blush

Applying blush first before eye and lip color can help to determine how much eye and lip makeup you need. Often times you can get away with just wearing blush!
And there you have it, a quick and dirty guide on blush. No longer should you be afraid of blush. Keep it as a part of your normal beauty routine and your face will thank you.

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